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Turismo El Puerto de Santa María

Natural Environment

Los toruños

The metropolitan park, managed by the Junta de Andalucía, offers you an amazing set of ecosystems, landscapes and activities that you can enjoy with family or friends, and that will give you sensations and unique experiences, just a step away from home.
Coto de la Isleta

The Center for Environmental Education and Activities in Nature (CEAAN) Coto de la Isleta is a center for environmental education, nature sports and active tourism.
Reserva Natural Complejo Endorreico

The Endorheic Complex Nature Reserve of El Puerto de Santa María, the westernmost of the province of Cádiz, is composed of three lagoons: La Salada, La Chica and Juncosa.


Beaches of fine sand, gold color that, together with a bright sun and a sea of fresh and crystalline waters, make a perfect picture to spend unforgettable days. It extends along 16 km.

Pine forests that develop preferably on loose and sandy soils and are located mainly in low or medium altitude areas, coming from repopulations. They constitute a border of forest between the formations of the interior and the sea, playing a protective role in the retention of sand dragged by the frequent coastal winds.

They are marshes land transformed into a set of channels and extensive shallow areas, which controls the passage of tidal water and favors the progressive evaporation of water for the extraction of salt.