Beaches in El Puerto

The natural conditions of the beaches of El Puerto are excellent: the golden and fine sand, the mild slope and the pleasant water temperature. However, what grants the beaches of El Puerto the highest quality is the care provided by man, firstly, in El Puerto de Santa María and in other cities located near the Guadalete river, the waters are completely purified, being one of the beaches of the Spanish coast where no contaminated water is dumped into the sea. The hygienic guarantee is completed with the sand treatment and the daily cleaning during the summer season-normally from June until September-. These beaches, as well, have been provided during the official season with all the necessary services, such as rescue and life-saving, first-aid post, designated boat area, showers and access for handicapped people. In Valdelagrana and La Puntilla beach there are special care units for handicapped people provided with special wheelchairs for swimming and, of course, there are “chiringuitos” (beach bars) where you can enjoy all the food specialties from the area. All these circumstances make the beaches of El Puerto the preferred place for people from Sevilla, Madrid, etc. to spend the summer in.

On the left bank of the river we find two beaches, the first 2 kilometres belong to Valdelagrana beach and the netxt 4 belong to Levante beach, which is integrated in the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park.

On the right bank of Guadalete river, there is a continuum of sandy beaches: La Puntilla and El Aculadero beaches,- which end in Puerto Sherry Yachting Harbour-, La Muralla and La Calita beaches,- separated one from another by rocky places- the amazing Santa Catalina beach and, finally, Fuenterrabía beach.

Valdelagrana Beach

Valdelagrana Beach corresponds to the urban core of the same name. It is separated from the old city 1,5 Kms.. It is accessed by the Avenue of Europe, the former N-IV to Cadiz.

Levante Beach

Levante beach is located after the last house of urbanization Valdelagrana, is nestled in a marsh area reserved for their natural values.

Puntilla Beach

It is considered the most popular beach because of its proximity to the population, is the first beach that we are on the right bank of the river Guadalete.

Aculadero Beach

Another popular beaches of El Puerto, Playa del Aculadero. It has found material from the Lower Paleolithic prehistoric Archaic (Deposit of Aculadero).

Muralla Beach

One of the most charming beaches, Playa de la Muralla, well known for being in the remains of defensive elements of the Castillo de Santa Catalina.

Calita Beach

The Calita Beach is one of our cozy beaches. Located between La Muralla Beach and Playa de Santa Catalina.

Santa Catalina Beach

This beach is with Valdelagrana the longest coastline in Our Window. Includes popularly known as Vistahermosa, Cangrejo Rojo, Las Redes and El Ancla Beaches.

Fuentebravia Beach

This beach is accessible by road from El Puerto to Rota and includes the neighborhoods of El Manantial and Fuenterrabia.