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Not to be missed!



Beaches of fine sand, gold color, with bright sunshine and an ocean of fresh and crystalline waters, form a perfect picture to spend unforgettable days.

This guide unites a careful selection of cellars and tourist establishments that, endorsed by its quality and professionalism, will help you to enter into the culture of the local sherries that is non other than, to taste and to feel.

It is situated in the centre of the Bahía de Cádiz Natural Park and enclosed by two large strips of land. One, consisting of a "green lung" of pine forest and the other on the coast, where there are two ecosystems of note, the spectacular Toruños marshes and 16 kms. of beaches.

To sleep

Luxury hotels, near the beach, downtown, charming. Hotels in palaces, convents, manor houses, etc...., all that and more you can find in El Puerto de Santa María.
To eat

If there is something that distinguishes El Puerto de Santa Maria from other cities, it is its exquisite gastronomy. The variety of products of the Bay of Cadiz, fish, seafood and crustaceans and its fields of fruit trees, vegetables and legumes are more than astonishing.
Monuments and Wineries

Since prehistoric remains, castles, churches, ... all civilizations that have passed through El Puerto de Santa Maria have left their mark on the spirit of the City. Places along the famous wineries of Jerez Marco Xérès-Sherry, you can visit ...