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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

La Rosa Vineyard House

A Vineyard House founded by “Indianos” (Spaniards who made a fortune in America)

This vineyard house has all the elements of the traditional vineyard house. As much in the aesthetics, as in the distribution and functionality. It also happens to be flanked by two run-off streams, one to the north and the other to the south, which flow into the seasonal Gallo lagoon. This proximity to water gives the land more opportunity to absorb moisture for the vineyard in the dry season

During the last decades of the 18th century and the first two decades of the 19th century, this vineyard was owned by Juan de Dios Gobantes Vizarrón (a resident of Osuna).

It could be that the name of this vineyard refers to Rosa Urruela Barreda, who was a child of 11 or 12 when her uncles Miguel-José and Carlos Urruela Casares bought it from Antonio Castillo de Lerín in 1828.

The Urruelas, who had made their fortune in Guatemala, were one of the most important families of the Indianos (the name given to those who emigrated to America to make their fortune during colonisation) and who returned to Spain on the occasion of the independence of the Spanish colonies in America.

The Indianos who settled in this area were the main protagonists of the second phase of the development of the wine industry in the Jerez region, which began in the second decade of the 19th century.

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