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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

La Bendita Locura (formerly El Carmen Vineyard)

A vineyard, a dream and two women who make it come true

Under this curious name is one of those cases in which it is demonstrated that determination, perseverance and love for heritage can lead to achieving goals that at first sight seem impossible. This Vineyard house deteriorated over time until two women fell in love with it and decided to turn it into their home, their office and their own winery.

But beyond that, they decided to share it by converting it into accommodation where they like to say that guests, not customers, come. For now they have three en suite rooms and a function room that can accommodate up to 500 guests.

Ctra. Rota - Jerez Km. 20 (frente a la venta El Cepo), Camino del Tejar km 2, 11500 - El Puerto de Santa Maria

In 1814 and 1817, Basilio Pérez Campuzano bought two vineyard plots (called de Miera and Santo Domingo) from Francisco de Paula Miera and the Convent of Santo Domingo in El Puerto, with which he formed this estate, being a councillor of the constitutional Town Council of 1812.

The great entrepreneur Rafael Laffitte Laffitte acquired it from the heir of Pérez Campuzano in 1854 who gave it to him on behalf of his mother.

In the 20th century, Juan Gavala Laborde was the owner of the vineyard. This resident of El Puerto (born in Lebrija), was a prestigious engineer of roads, canals and ports and an outstanding humanist, author of "La Geología de la Costa y Bahía de Cádiz" (The Geology of the Coast and Bay of Cádiz) and translator and editor of the Latin poem "Ora maritima, de Avieno" (the Sea Coast written by Avienus).

Acquired in 2016 by Ana Luque and Ángela Adrover, after a careful renovation, they renamed it La Bendita Locura, turning it into an exclusive rural lodge and a unique space for all kinds of events. They also make their own artisan wine with Petite Verdot, Syrah and Tintilla of Rota grapes.

Photograph of Francisco Sánchez "Quico", from the 1940s. It is very likely that the vehicle that can be seen was that of Juan Gavala Laborde.

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