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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

Majuelo Laffitte

A young vineyard that is over 150 years old

This well-known person, after whom the vineyard is named, is a clear example of the international links that the vineyard owners maintained with the rest of Europe and America.

His career as a public figure also gives his biography a descriptive value of the convulsive 19th century. Neither trade nor wine production were unaffected by the constant changes of regime and the loss of the last colonies, which ended in 1898 with the independence of Cuba.

The "Majuelo" denomination is an agricultural term that preserves the young vine until it reaches its fourth year, when it must begin to produce. However, despite having been in production for more than 150 years, it has kept this denomination as part of its name.

Although it may have originally had another function, it has long been a house for storing tools and vineyard equipment, named after the former owner of the vineyard.

Rafael Laffitte Laffitte, an influential politician and entrepreneur of marked liberal-progressive convictions, was born in El Puerto in 1805. After a long journey that took him to Oloron (France) as a political refugee, as well as to Havana, London and El Puerto, he ended up living in Seville in 1864.

In addition to being a winegrower and farmer, he was an important fighting bull breeder and a prominent politician. As well as being Mayor of El Puerto de Santa María and Seville, he was also a senator for the province of Huelva in the 1872-1873 parliamentary term.

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