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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

María-Manuela Vineyard

A Vineyard House with original structure

This Vineyard House is one of the oldest and most peculiar because its original structure has not been modified. Its construction technique combines all the construction characteristics of its time with caisson walls, wooden beams and a tiled roof.

In terms of distribution, it has two well-differentiated parts. The first floor, where the inhabitants were housed, and the ground floor, which housed the stables and the garage for the cart and tools.

The important French-born entrepreneur Juan-Bautista Biñalet, who was a councillor in El Puerto for several years, acquired this estate by public auction in 1801 and on his death bequeathed it to his sister Josefa-María.

Guillermo Lobé, a prominent merchant who lived between El Puerto and Cuba, where he was consul general of the Netherlands, bought this vineyard from Josefa-María Biñalet (widow of Juan-Mateo Sedze) in 1824 and named it after his wife: María-Manuela Malagamba.

In 1826, Tomás Ravina and Agustín Albertis (prominent Italian merchants based in the area) bought this vineyard, which, together with Boullet and Pineda, became part of a large wine-growing estate.

Although the Lobé-Malagamba couple only enjoyed it for two years, the vineyard has kept the name María-Manuela.

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