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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

Araníbar Vineyard House

The trail of the “Cargadores a Indias” (Shippers to the Indies)

The Shippers to the Indies, businessmen and shipowners who traded in spices and silks from Africa and America and Asia, sometimes also produced oil and wine for their ships on overseas voyages.

It was common for these Shippers, in addition to building their residences in the town centre, known as palatial houses, to build residences in the interior of the countryside. These constructions maintained the palatial air of those in the town centre, with the appearance of coats of arms and architectural elements typical of the former being very common, but with significant differences due to the functional productive nature of the latter as opposed to the commercial or logistical nature of the former.

This vineyard is popularly known as La Aníbal and La Niva, phonetic modifications of the surname of its most prominent owner: Juan Araníbar (born in San Sebastián), captain and stable hand of the Duke of Medinaceli.

Married to Leonor Rodríguez Cortés (a member of one of the richest families in El Puerto in the 17th and 18th centuries), Juan Araníbar was a municipal councillor and one of the most important shippers to the Indies (traders with the Spanish colonies in America) in the second half of the 17th century.

Juan Araníbar bought this vineyard in 1660 and built the house. Subsequently, the vineyard passed by inheritance and purchase and sale, successively, to Pablo-Miguel Vizarrón (bailiff of the Holy Office of the Inquisition), Pedro-José Winthuyssen Gallo (priest) and Ramón Céspedes (merchant from Cádiz).

Although it has undergone some later renovations, it is one of the oldest vineyard houses in El Puerto.

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