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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

Nuestra Señora del (Our Lady of) Carmen Vineyard

Marked by stories of female entrepreneurs

In one of its stages of operation in the second half of the 19th century, this vineyard was run by a woman, María del Carmen O'Neale Saelices, who not only dedicated herself to this activity but also worked as a businesswoman in other activities. This was a real achievement for women at that time.

The origin of this vineyard was the census data that Juana Linch gave to Margarita Mora Peña in 1843 for 8 aranzadas (about 3.5 hectares) of agricultural land (to be dedicated to cereal). Margarita and her husband, Antonio González, planted them with vines and built the house.

In 1863, Margarita Mora, at the age of 60 and already a widow, sold the vineyard to the Jerez businessmen Enrique Rivero O'Neale and Jerónimo del Río Zamorano under census and in exchange for the payment of the large debts she owed and a lifetime pension of 16 reales de vellón (equivalent to 0.25 pesetas) per day for her and her sister Magdalena.

The Rivero Pastor brothers, its owners in 1902, sold the vineyard to José-María Heredia Ferrer (a resident of El Puerto) in an extrajudicial public auction, as it was a burden for them given its state of complete non-production and due to the fact that the vineyard had been totally destroyed by the phylloxera plague.

The name of the vineyard is a tribute to María del Carmen O'Neale Saelices, mother of Enrique Rivero O'Neale, whose husband, Joaquín Rivero de la tijera, said in 1834 that she was very capable in business.  

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