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“Southern Casks” barrel-making Workshop

Diversifying with tradition and innovation hand in hand

The art of making casks has been one of the activities that has generated most cultural wealth in the world of wine. It has inspired poetry, flamenco, painting, photography and literature, among other artistic genres, in each and every one of the cities where they have been established. The manufacture of a cask involves the four elements: earth, fire, water and air, treated with the skill of the human hand, to culminate in the cradle where the wines and spirits that evolve in them are rocked and cradled.

Following the industrialisation of production in Jerez, the producers of various liquors found in these Jerez-Xérès-Sherry casks the perfect container to provide their nuances and thus enrich their final products.

This has given rise to a parallel industry of the preparation and repair of casks to be filled with Sherry in which Southern Casks has specialised. All this without forgetting to respect the raw material (oak staves) and the traditional ways of making and waterproofing these wooden containers so that they can work their magic.

Three generations of the Cárdenas family have maintained their activity combining the ageing of wines, the manufacture of casks and their subsequent use in the ageing of spirits such as cognac, whiskey and now also rum.

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