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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

“Team Ariza-Paz" Equestrian Centre.

On horseback between the wine cellars and the vineyards

The Carthusian horse has been admired for centuries for its appearance, versatility and intelligence. The Yeguada del Hierro del Bocado, the oldest known stud farm dedicated to the Carthusian horse, was founded in the Cartuja Monastery in Jerez de la Frontera. Since its beginnings in the 15th century, it has undergone many changes of ownership. Among others, Bodegas Terry, a well-known wine firm from El Puerto, whose brand is identified by the image of a Carthusian horse with a woman at the reins.  

Before the arrival of motor vehicles, the driving force used to transport grapes, must and wine was carried out by pack animals. Although the mule was the most common, they could also be oxen, donkeys or horses.

The care of these indispensable collaborators also generated a culture. The breeding and training of the Andalusian horse, and more specifically the Carthusian horse, is proof of this. Traditionally, this breed, because of its size and versatility, was used either for riding or for harnessing carriages and calashes (light small-wheeled 4-passenger carriages with a folding top).

The estate on which this equestrian centre is located houses a traditional rural livestock building from the beginning of the last century which, given its appearance and layout, could well be a cowshed. But now it is home to another activity, although it is also related to livestock. The Team Ariza-Paz Equestrian Centre began its activity in 2019 in El Puerto. It is the initiative of two young entrepreneurs, Pedro Ariza and Miriam Paz, who have been linked to the world of horses all their lives, and who are particularly committed to animal welfare.

Miriam Paz, trained as a rider at the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art, has specialised in teaching the art of riding to those who are interested in this practice. Pedro Ariza, a highly competitive sportsman, specialises in dressage in all its variants (Classical, Western and High School).

From their facilities they offer the possibility of excursions on horseback through the vineyards, with no previous experience required, or also in the traditional horse-drawn carriage.

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