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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

The Pagos (estates)

The Place refining the taste, aroma and texture of the wine

This is how vine-growing areas are defined in the different wine-growing areas that share common characteristics of soil, production and climate. Centuries of experience have shown the subtle differences that guide the cultivation and selection of grapes for different wines.

The term “Pago” in allusion to the vineyard, refers to the delimited place that has certain characteristics of microclimate and soil composition that distinguishes it from others. These characteristics also define the uniqueness of the grapes produced and therefore of the wine obtained from them, even within the same region and the same varietal.

In El Puerto, there are four that stand out: Campix, Balbaina Baja, Los Tercios and La Atalaya, all of which are distributed inland, although at a short distance from the coast.

These limits respond to what tradition has been defining depending on the final result of the particularities of the grapes obtained and the wines obtained from each one of them.     

The variables that distinguish the estates from each other are the degree of humidity recorded throughout the year, orography, wind exposure and soil composition.           

This is a further step towards the complexity of the final product, as it allows the winery to define the nuances that each winery wishes to stamp on each of its wines.

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