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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

Vineyard Las 26

Innovation and ecology, its keys to success

                This case is an example of the potential of viticulture in the area by observing new market trends. This region gives rise to a diversity of projects thanks to the excellent yield of its land and its privileged location for vine cultivation.

It is evidence of the prosperous relationship between Jerez and the wines of Cádiz, not only in the vineyard and in the cellar, but also on the table and in the most demanding wine cellar.

Carretera de Rota-Jerez, km 8, Finca La Torre, 11408 Cádiz

Originally dedicated to horticultural production, it was at the end of the 1960s and in view of the growing demand for palomino grapes, when Francisco Galán García, who inherited the vineyard from his father, Francisco Galán Rodríguez, began the staggered planting of vines, which he completed in 1973, later leaving it in the hands of his widow Carmen Gómez Ganaza.

                The grapes were purchased by different wineries and cooperatives but, due to the fall in grape prices in the Jerez region, the vineyards were uprooted around the year 2000.

                However, in view of the boom of Vinos de la Tierra de Cádiz (Wines of the Province of Cádiz), Manuel Galán Gómez, grandson of the first owner and the current owner, began the replanting of 17 aranzadas (approx. 7.5 hectares) of organic vines, of Muscat of Alexandria grapes.

                They make a sweet white wine 100% from this grape and a sparkling Brut, a blend of Muscat of Alexandria and Palomino Fino grapes.                          

They have also recently joined the wine tourism offer with the organisation of arranged visits and events in their vineyards and cellars.

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