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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

Friends of Red Wine Assoc., El Puerto de Santa María

Winemaking as a cultural and leisure alternative

Although winemaking has been seen primarily as an economic activity, it is clear that it is also linked to art and cultural events.

In addition to producing its own wine for its members, the aim of this Association is to learn in more depth everything related to the production process and subsequent enjoyment of the red wine produced in our region.

Camino de Los Romanos Km.6,5 11500 El Puerto de Santa María

As a result of a personal initiative by Jerónimo Ruiz Mota, when he acquired the present Los Llanos (The Plains) estate in 1999, it became home to a half-hectare organic vineyard where he started growing Cabernet and Syrah grapes from scratch. Its facilities include a winemaking cellar that was christened Bodega Ruiz Astorga, equipped with tools and machinery, most of which are handcrafted and created by the winery itself. These include a patented barrel holder that distributes loads and facilitates individual barrel tasks. 

Amid this entirely amateur and self-taught adventure the Friends of Red Wine Association of El Puerto de Santa María emerged in 2014, which has its headquarters here.

The entire winemaking process, from the grape harvest to bottling, takes place at the Los Llanos winery, and the members organise activities related to the world of wine, such as courses, tastings and other events.

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