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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

Forlong Vineyard

A young project for an 18th century Vineyard and Winery

This estate also had an extensive olive grove, like most of the agricultural land in the city. It could be said that El Puerto de Santa María was an olive grove by the sea.

Following the industrialisation of wine production, these olive groves were replaced by vineyards until their virtual disappearance. This trend is now beginning to be reversed, given the yields offered by this crop, especially in these areas.

Ctra. de Rota-Jerez Km 5. 11500 El Puerto de Santa María

The name of this vineyard comes from the Furlong family, originally from England. Pedro María Furlong was its last owner in the second half of the 18th century.  During this period, the land dedicated to the vineyard was more than 30 aranzadas (about 13.4 hectares), 98% of the total area of the vineyard. It was located in the fenced plot"alias el Forlón", which is how it was recorded in the deeds of the time. It was bordered by the road to Sanlúcar, the olive grove of the Marquis of Casa Panes, the road to Rota and the Arriejanal irrigation channel.

This estate had two houses, one called La Redonda and the other called Forlón. Of the latter, known by the name of the estate, the remains of the walls have been included in the new building. The old building must have been of great size and interest, as it had space for housing and rooms for carrying out the tasks involved in farming in general and especially vineyard work: wine presses for obtaining must and a cellar for storing it.

It also had a chapel equipped with everything necessary for religious services. This is a unique element that was typical of some of the houses of the city's shippers to the Indies and to which there are references in the agricultural sphere. A magnificent chapel has now been preserved in the nearby vineyard of El Carmen.

The name Forlón was extended to the designation of the "Pago" (Estate) and to one of the rural roads.

Today, two young entrepreneurs, Rocio Áspera and Alejandro Narváez, have given life to this vineyard and winery where they produce organic red and white wines aimed at highlighting the mineral nuances of the albariza soil of the Forlong Vineyard.

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