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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

Las Tablillas Vineyard House

On a plain at the edge of a lagoon

This Vineyard House and those on the same level are located in what for millions of years was a large saltwater lagoon. The profile of the plain that gives it its name is an example of this. Archaeological analysis has found remains of water lily plants and aquatic mammals such as hippopotamuses. Nearby is the site of Pocito Chico (Little Well), which dates back to the Copper Age.

In 1742 Carlos Casares and Josefa Sánchez gave this vineyard to Carlos-Francisco Ángel Natera (priest of the Prioral Church) in payment of the debt they owed him. It was later owned successively by the brothers Manuel-Ramón and Juan de Palma Tobón, who were also priests, and by other people.

Antonio de Pazos (an important landowner and tenant farmer) bought it in 1786. From then on it was known as Las Tablas de El Puerto and later as Las Tablillas.

The name tablas applies to:

strips of land between rows of trees and to flat stretches of land (as is the case of these vineyards bordering the Gallo marsh to the south, whose flat landscape differs from the undulating landscape on the other side of this Polvorista road) and to plots of land with straight side boundaries resulting from the division of an estate, to be leased out or given to census data.

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