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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

The aesthetics of the Vineyard Houses

Recognisable at a glance

The cultures of the villages can also be recognised in the external appearance of their buildings. The traditional colours of this part of Andalusia are due to the availability of the materials and their qualities. The use of lime on the one hand refracts the sun, acting as a temperature absorber, and on the other hand as a disinfectant.  Mixing lime with the mineral dyes of the area results in albero (white) and almagra (red ochre), the traditional colours of this region.  

In general, these vineyard houses mostly follow a neoclassical style, typical of the mid-18th to 19th centuries.

They are built on walls and pillars and are covered with one or multi-pitched roofs and roof terraces on wooden slabs. Some of them are completed with a space to be used as a laundry room or storeroom.

The façade features a doorway (with arches on pillars or columns) and the use of stonework (exposed or painted) in corners and bays, as well as in cornices, plinths and parapets.

The colours used are the traditional ones: white, calamocha (yellow) and almagra (red ochre) on the walls, skirting boards and posts; ochre on the roof tiles; and green on the doors and windows.

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