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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

La Pintada (painted) Vineyard House

A Vineyard House and a recovered vineyard

Recently restored and the vineyard replanted, it has a wine cellar where, in addition to wine ageing, events of cultural interest are organised.

This case is one of the most recent in terms of the recovery of ethnographic and oenological heritage. It has been restored with respect for the materials and with the aim of using it as rural accommodation, making it compatible with the cultivation of the vineyards, wine and cultural activities.

José Belaustegui (merchant, farmer, winemaker and wine exporter) bought this vineyard for his sister Magdalena, in gratitude for her care, and named it after her.

Magdalena Belaustegui played an important role in the renovation of the house in 1820. For years, she lived there seasonally and wrote her will there.  

The wine cellar located to the right of the house was built in the early 1850s by María de los Dolores Gállaga Belaustegui (Magdalena's daughter) and Jacinto Ibáñez Pacheco, her husband.

It is not known why the vineyard's previous name, La Casa Pintada (The Painted House), took over the name of La Magdalena. Such was the mark of this building, that in order to locate small adjoining vineyards, it was said that they were in the place called La Casa Pintada (the painted house). We know that in the 1930s, Simón Bazo was the foreman of this vineyard and Manuel de Urguía the landlord.

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