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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

María-Dolores Vineyard

A modest and charming old vineyard

The surface area of this estate is around three hectares. Because of its location and proportions, it has a high potential especially to house a vineyard and artisanal production of signature wine.

Juan Gallardo González and Dolores Tello (neighbours of El Puerto) bought and took a census of various plots of agricultural land from Juana Linch and the Marquis del Castillo del Valle de Sidueña (from Jerez), planted them with vineyards and built the house.

This is one of the cases in which modest tenant farmers became winegrowers on their own estate.

The census was a method of buying and selling real estate consisting of the payment of an annual rent (pension or census) of a percentage of the price of the real estate in question. Censos could be either al quitar (redeemable on payment of the price of the property) or perpetual (irredeemable).

In 1877, Juan and Dolores sold the vineyard for life to Juan de la Portilla and made him promise to bury them in the manner they indicated.

The name of the vineyard may be attributed to Dolores Tello or to the second daughter of Juan de la Portilla, also called Dolores, who died at a young age; or to both.

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