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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

The Rooster´s Resting Place “El Descansadero del Gallo”

Two hectares for the relaxation of livestock and people

Nowadays, it is common to find herds grazing and watering in the surrounding area, which is the purpose for which it is intended. But it is also a meeting place for “romerías” (annual religious pilgrimages) or traditional celebrations such as lunadas (outdoor night-time parties) or meetings for astronomical observation.

This area is known as Marismas del Gallo (Rooster´s marshland), flooded areas near the lagoon of the same name. It  was part of a larger area called Pago de Grañina (Grañina Estate).

The name Grañina refers to the Muslim archwork located in this place and recorded in the 13th century Distribution Book of El Puerto de Santa María, which was distributed amongst the new Castilian settlers.

Grañina formed part of the estate founded by Pedro Camacho de Villavicencio and his wife Teresa de Suazo in 1507 in favour of their grandson Pedro Camacho. In 1711, Felipe V granted the title of Marquis of Grañina to Jerónimo Miguel Dávila y Ursúa, son of Don García José Dávila Ponce de León, 1st Lord of Grañina.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, El Puerto was a winter pasture, the base of the Royal Galleys and the headquarters of the General Captaincy of the Ocean. In view of the need to receive livestock from all regions of the country to supply ships, at least 14 resting places of similar dimensions with watering wells (Council Wells) were set up.

To prevent the loss of this historical agricultural and livestock heritage, El Puerto de Santa María Town Council undertook the project of restoring the resting place in 2016.

With this project, retaining measures were carried out combining new and traditional construction techniques, as is the example of the work on the channel of a run-off stream that discharges water and sediment to the north of the resting place.

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