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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

La Bizarrona

The splendour of the Shippers to the Indies

The merchants who traded with the Americas are known as "cargadores a Indias" (shippers to the Indies). They had great economic and social power. Their wealth was demonstrated through their urban and rustic possessions, which in some way were put at the service of their economic activity, exporting goods such as oil, spirits and wines, among others

La Bizarrona, formerly located in the Pago de los Tercios, takes its name from an important Basque-Navarrese family: the Bizarrón family, who settled in El Puerto de Santa María in the 17th century, attracted by the winds of commerce to and from America.

The Bizarrones have left an extensive legacy in El Puerto consisting of several palatial houses located in key places, close to the banks of the Guadalete. Thus we find houses in the Squares of Colón and Polvorista, in the Puerto Escondido street and others known by the surnames of other owners who also became linked to the Bizarrones, such as the Valdivieso or the Ramirez-Arellano families.

Both in the countryside and in the town they had the necessary elements for production and storage. On the ground floor of the palatial houses there were mills to grind olives and alquitar stills to produce liquors, and cellars to store them.

In the 18th century, La Bizarrona had six wine presses that were used to tread the grapes and obtain the must when almost the entire estate was planted with vines.

Bizarrona's feminine name is noteworthy, but we should not be surprised because there are many farms that feminise their surnames or professions. These are the cases of expressions such as "la Gobernaora", "La Doctora", "Las Boneas", etc. In this case, it could come from two very powerful figures such as Catalina and Clara Bizarrón.

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