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Ruta Enoturística de la Comarca en El Puerto de Santa María

"Del Gallo" (rooster´s) Well

All year round watering thirsty livestock

Between the 16th and 18th centuries, the Town Council of El Puerto dug wells in the main cattle tracks and wastelands of the municipality, so that horses, cattle, sheep and goats could freely water.

These council (municipal) wells combine functionality with simple aesthetics. They are an important element of rural life, landscape and heritage.

This well of El Gallo is located in the wasteland and resting place of the same name, where the paths of Chapitel or El Gallo, Las Marismas, Barbaína and Regla or Chipiona meet. Nearby are the remains of the farmhouses known as El Gallo and Pocito Chico.

The well follows the generic typology of a livestock well: a parapet with an opening in it, like an overhanging balcony, an extraction platform (in order to facilitate the lifting of the water troughs), and a long trough at two different heights to adapt to the different sizes of animals.   

It is likely that the place name "Gallo" refers to a weathervane with the figure of this bird placed on the spire of the tower of the main country house on this estate called the Cortijo del Gallo.

The importance of this country house gave its name to the adjoining lagoon and to the country roads leading to it, as well as to the well carved out in the open livestock resting place at the junction of the aforementioned country roads.

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